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Solutions for Broadband Home/CPE

Microsemi understands communications networking and is a leading provider of semiconductor system solutions for the broadband home, delivering the right connectivity solutions for voice, data and power. Our industry-leading portfolio addresses multiple applications for the connected home including:Solutions for Connected Home | IP Phone, FTTdP RPF, VoIP Gateway & Broadand Router, PoE, Home Security | Microsemi


Broadband Gateway (non-DSL)

DSL/G.fast Gateway

Home Automation Adapter

Home Automation Gateway


Explore our solutions for broadband home customer premise equipment:


Audio Processors

Power over Ethernet (PoE) and Reverse Power Feeding (RPF)

Voice Line Circuits



Ready to learn more? Contact your local Microsemi sales office today to find the right technologies and products for your broadband gateway networking needs.


Audio Processors for Broadband Home/CPE

Designed for world-class high definition (HD) voice applications, Microsemi’s new ZL380 series of audio processors features the company’s Microsemi AcuEdge™ Technology. This innovative technology is a set of highly-complex and integrated algorithms that allows the user to extract more information from the audio environment. The new Microsemi AcuEdge Technology consists of license-free, royalty-free intelligent audio IP algorithms. When combined with Microsemi’s highly-integrated ZL380 series of audio processors, the solution accelerates customers’ time-to-market via validated reference design and easy-to-use development tools including the Microsemi Audio Interface Box (AIB) Kit which utilizes the MiTuner™ GUI software.


The connected home is about enabling users to talk to each other through connected devices. Connected devices could include integrated smart home gateway, intercom, Media Center, IP Camera, Skype. Microsemi AcuEdge Technology enable the full duplex operation between the connected devices to deliver on seamless high definition (HD) voice communication. In complex noise environments such as gaming rooms and building lobbies, Microsemi’s AcuEdge Technology cancels echo, maintains a constant ambient noise (comfort noise) and continuously converges during double-talk situations.


ZL38060 Connected Qallpad Block Diagram

ZL38060 - Connected Home Audio Processor

ZL38004 - Dedicated Voice Processor with Dual Wide Band Codecs

ZL38005 - Dedicated Voice Processor with Dual Narrow Band Codecs


(PoE) for Power over Ethernet Broadband Home/CPE

Microsemi has been pioneering in the Power over Ethernet field since 1999, with the invention of Power over LAN™. Microsemi has the broadest Power over Ethernet product line covering PoE IC’s that send power (PSE), receive power (PD), and complete systems that inject Power over Ethernet in an intelligent way (Midspans).

Microsemi products support IEEE802.3af-2003, IEEE802.3at-2009 in both 30W and 60W versions, Energy Efficient Power over Ethernet and the 95W Power over HDBaseT™ (PoH) standard. Microsemi's PoE PSE product line includes IC's and Modules that can be used to build PoE switches and routers(Endspans) from 1 to 96 ports in a single power management system. Our PoE PD IC's provide the most energy efficient and cost effective solutions to build PD's consuming up to 95W over a single Category 5/5E/6/6A/7 cable. Microsemi's Midspans can be used in indoor and outdoor deployments, with advanced network management and Energy Efficient PoE models available.


Reverse Power Feeding (RPF) :

Reverse Power Feeding (RPF) technology allows service providers to deploy xDSL DSLAMs virtually anywhere, without the need to deploy local power. Microsemi is the only supplier of RPF ICs for both the Customer Premises Equipment (CPE) and the Distribution Point Unit (DPU).


Voice Line Circuits for Broadband Home/CPE

Microsemi provides a wide array of voice line circuit solutions for broadband applications. Microsemi’s voice line circuits, including the miSLIC™ Series and the ZL880 and VE950 families, give customers the simplest and most cost-effective solutions for adding voice to broadband gateways.These families of devices are optimized for short loop, power sensitive applications including voice over cable embedded multimedia terminal adaptors (EMTAs), voice enabled DSL gateways or integrated access devices (IADs), fiber to the premise (FTTX) applications, and voice over Ethernet gateways or analog terminal adaptors (ATAs), and provide the highest levels of integration available today.


Microsemi offers an extensive application toolset, including software development tools, reference designs and development platforms, to speed time-to-market when adding voice to residential gateway applications. In addition, the VeriVoice™ Test Suite provides the most cost-effective and reliable solution for VoIP line test and self-test to minimize the cost of ownership for VoIP service providers. With more than 30 years of voice experience, backed by an expert engineering organization, Microsemi has continued to provide the world’s foremost residential gateway manufacturers with reliable, cost-competitive voice solutions.

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