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Solutions for Access Network Infrastructure

For operators, having a scalable, reliable and easily managed access network infrastructure is essential, as the access network is what physically enables them to offer services to enterprise and residential customers. While modern, competitive access infrastructure is essential, carriers face relentless pressure to reduce cost per megabit both for capex and opex.


Value-Add Technology Solutions Broadband Converged Access Infrastructure | MicrosemiThis drives the need to upgrade and deploy a converged access infrastructure supporting higher bandwidth and multiple different classes and types of services over a single fiber plant. Various 10G PON options (XG-PON / XGS-PON / NGPON2, etc.) enable deployment of such converged access infrastructure in a very cost effective manner. Such converged access infrastructures must support high reliability, high security, timing and synchronization and carrier class service delivery with Carrier Ethernet.


Microsemi is at the forefront of enabling such converged infrastructure, thanks to an array of industry leading technologies and product portfolio. Microsemi's portfolio for access network infrastructure includes Carrier Ethernet switches and network processors with SDN / NFV capabilities, Timing over Packet (IEEE 1588 and SyncE) solutions, the most advanced Voice Line Circuit (SLIC/SLAC) solutions, Power over Ethernet (PoE), Reverse Power Feeding (RPF) ICs and Systems, FPGAs with lowest power consumption, as well as Timing and Synchronization Systems and related management software.


ICs & System Solutions for Broadband Access Networks | MicrosemiExplore our solutions for Access Network infrastructure:



Low-range density FPGAs & SoCs

Mid-range density FPGAs

Ethernet PHYs

Ethernet Software

Ethernet Switches

Reverse Power Feed (RPF) ICs

PCIe Storage Switches

Timing Components

Timing & Synchronization

Voice Line Circuits


With our industry-leading product portfolio including semiconductors, systems, services and software, Microsemi solutions are engineered to help you design, deploy or manage virtually any type of access network infrastructure equipment.

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