The hobby of audiophilia is about building a music system that can reproduce the musical event, be it studio or live, in a way that you actually can hear what the recording engineer, the record producer and the musical artists intended.

Lots goes into this although the cliché of needing to spend a fortune on equipment or buying more and more audiophile esoteric equipment is bullshit. So is propping up your speaker cables on little saw horses. So is painting the outside of your Compact Discs with green paint. So is arranging Mpingo disc all over your room. So is replacing your well-insulated AC power chords. So is using a $4,000 fuse in your AC power box. That’s all audiophile garbage sold to you by the OK Boomer audiophile print magazines.

If you would like to be an audiophile guru – here is the path the enlightenment:

What Audio Components Should You Focus On When It Comes Time To Really Dial In You System

  1. Audiophile Floorstanding Loudspeakers – These come first. Floorstanding speaker are better than bookshelf speakers in most cases but not always. Spend more on speakers than anything.
  2. Subwoofers – Audiophiles historically hate subwoofers. Component experts know better. Even the biggest, $100,000 per pair PLUS speakers can’t go as low as an SVS SB-4000 subwoofer for $2,000. You need a pair of excellent subwoofers.
  3. Audiophile Preamp– A good preamp shouldn’t have a sound per se but it should pass your sound through while a) switching inputs and b) raising and lowering volume. Plain and simple.
  4. Audiophile Power AmpsAudiophile amps are capable of driving everything from easy-horn speakers to tough electrostatics speakers.
  5. Digital Source Components – You need a good digital to analog converter. Today, you don’t have to spend a fortune here.
  6. Audiophile Turntable – It is fun to spin some old school vinyl. $500 gets you well on your way in this audiophile component.
  7. Headphones – When you are at the gym or sitting in seat 3D on that next flight, wouldn’t it be cool to have some of that good sound with you on the road? $400 per pair gets you a very nice pair of wireless Bluetooth headphones.
  8. Audiophile Accessories – AC Power Conditioning, excellent seating, home theater seating cool AV racks all fall under audiophile accessories. You need them. Embrace accordingly and as budget allows.

Follow these tips and you will be an audiophile component expert for sure.